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RapportBuilder uses AI to enrich your leads with high-quality AI-generated content, including hyper-personalized cold email sequences, LinkedIn DMs, personalized cold calls scripts, tips for building rapport, and more.

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The product everyone is secretly using.

Tried it on my LinkedIn profile, and this is fantastic. As a sales engineer, this is bloody good for prospecting potential clients and personalities before demos and briefings.


I just tried this on my LinkedIn profile and I was impressed, especially the personalized cold outreach part. This is really cool. Fucking impressive.
I can see myself using this for my cold outreach.


Great product and worked awesome on my own profile, could definitely use it.


This is awesome!!! I love the insights on myself and the “do’s” for questions to ask me. I wanted to answer all of them 🤣


I posted about this on LinkedIn, with the prompt of being a food snack business owner wanting to poach me from a competitors with no salary but unlimited pretzel snacks.
The cold approach templates were pretty interesting, feeding my soul with 🥨 goodness that money can not match lmao, even integrating some dad jokes about Pretzels and my industry for opening lines.
Recruiters should be salivating at this stuff. Personalised comms without any effort.


I’m starting a new role on Monday which will require A LOT of meetings so this was timely, thank you! I haven’t explored in depth but I anticipate using this a lot over the next few months.


Wow! Worked like a charm on my LinkedIn profile - I definitely would have engaged with most of the suggestions it came up with. Genuinely impressed and will show it to a few other friends too


Holy shit dude. I like it. So if this is built off an api assistant can u provide an api? I mean i can use this to feed into my comm assistant gpt for my studio work.
Well done. Simple ui. Signed up.


Wow! This is awesome. Lately I'm cold dming and cold mailing quite a lot for a role switch and these mini insights are just perfect!


The Inner Workings

How it works

RapportBuilder collates data about your prospects from a variety of social media platforms and news websites. This data is then processed and distilled to generate hyper-personalized content that help you make a great first-impression.

Input Contact Info

Input your contact's LinkedIn profile URL for the AI to analyze their background and interests.

Personalize AI Settings

Specify your outreach goals and preferred communication style to guide the AI in tailoring content.

Get Personalized DMs

RapportBuilder creates personalized cold emails, cold call scripts, and more based on your inputs and the contact's profile.

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